Milestone: Documentation and Tests Infrastructure

August 04, 2021 — GNU social development team

>WIKI Milestone entry

GNU social now has its documentation available in It features four different books. These are automatically generated from the source using mdBook.

Only the development book is in an elaborated state, the other books are holding for more ready code.

And two of them are new:

  • The Developer is both intended to guide third-party plugin developers and to make it easier of contributing to the code.
  • The Designer is the most recent of the four and came from a necessity of keeping some standardization between templates and ensuring the same principles are kept in mind when designing new themes.

And two of them are updates from existing documentation:

Together with the documentation we've introduced a wiki. Its purpose is to walk-through decisions, convention, terminology. It's where we document the reasoning the development team went through before implementing more sophisticated functionalities.

Finally, when the documentation doesn't explain, and to ensure the whole code is properly tested, we have the tests. And the coverage is available here. At the time of writing the coverage has 98.76% code lines tested.