Milestone: Notes and Actors with languages

December 09, 2021 — GNU social development team

Well, it's that, our notes now have a language attribute.

... All right, all right, it's not just it.

Here's what comes with it:

Here's how it looks

First, the user panel section where the desired preferences are selected: User panel language settings section

Upon sending the previous form, the user is redirected to order their selection: Ordering the selections made in previous page

Finally, when posting the language with the highest priority is selected by default.

However, by accessing "Additional options", another language may be selected. The resulting note will have the html lang attribute according to it.

The posting widget itself: Selecting the language of a note when posting

What does this mean?

We can now show you the notes you can read, but for groups, this mean that you can access umbrella groups and filter the feeds to see what's in your language and even region.

For too long the fediverse struggled with languages, this step makes it easier for actual internationalization of the free network.

A marvellous feed filtered by note language